Core People

Jin Broens

Born in Amsterdam on June 18, 1948.
Marine Engineer in the Dutch Merchant Navy 1966-1967.
Graduated with a B.Sc. Degree Mech. Eng. in the Netherlands.
Joined Lips BV. in 1974, initially as project manager, subsequently various positions in Sales leading to Global Sales Director.
Extensive experience in Far Eastern Countries (South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore).
Board Member at various Lips Companies or Joint ventures in Italy, Spain, France, Singapore and United States.
Proposed and realized establishing of Propulsion Joint Venture in Peoples Republic of China which achieved a six-fold growth between 2004-2008.

Hanh Do

Born in Habac on Feb. 23 1967. NL & Vietnam citizenship.
Business Economics, Prague School of Economics 1986-1991
Econometrics, Tilburg University 1993-1997
2000 founder ‘Vietnam Consult & Trading BV’, 15 employees at 2 Vietnam offices
Extensive business experience in Vietnam and The Netherlands
Board Member a.o. Netherlands Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (NVCC)
Submitted 15 proposals for grant, 14 of them approved with total almost 15 ml Euro grants. Supported over 25 investment projects & dozens commercial projects of European companies in Vietnam.
Excellent track records and contacts at EVD, Ministry Economic Affairs, Ministry Transport, Public Works & Water management and Vietnam government

Hana Ngo

Born in Hanoi, Vietnam
International Business & Management study: 2003-2007, The Hague
International marketing, 2006 Niels Brock Copenhagen business College
2007-2009: Office manager VCT Hanoi
2007: Training at Norit NV.
Considerable experience in Vietnam, The Netherlands