People & Mentality

  • People: optimistic, ambitious and dedicated, cooperative, young and dynamic hardworking labour force: € 50/month, the lowest in the region
  • Lower costs: land rental 50% less than in China
  • More liberal economic policy: 100% foreign own
  • Easy to set up company: within 15 days
  • 5-8 year tax-holiday, thereafter 4-7 year 14%, after that 28%
  • Technology penetration: internet 106% growth, telecom 86%
  • To Dutch similar history & natural circumstances (fight against water and big neighbour) makes the similar mentality: open, direct, honest, enterprising,  proactive, fair, long term relationship based on mutual interest
  • Authorities: cooperative and willing to help, no problem with customs
  • Fun, Friendship, Profit & Development

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